Source Documents

Link to the Breeden Report

Conrad Black’s US indictment

Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) allegations against Conrad Black that have never been pursued.

CIBC senior executive salary and compensation analysis.

Candace Preston’s analysis of CIBC losses and misstatements.

CIBC annual reports and 2001 proxy statements with Special Incentive Plan.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allegations against Goldman Sachs and John Paulson on the CDO fraud.

European Parliament report on hedge funds.

SEC fraud allegations regarding Nortel in 2007.

SEC fraud allegations against Nortel executives in 2007.

Bonus payments to Nortel executives, post-bankruptcy.

FBI classified report on Semion Mogilevich.

US indictment of Semion Mogilevich.

OSC decision on YBM Magnex scandal.

Larry Elford column on mutual funds.

Daily Telegraph article on impact of hidden fees on UK investors.

Morningstar 2009 report on mutual fund fees.

University of Toronto impact study of fees on mutual fund investors.

Agreed statement of facts in Ian Thow fraud case.

IIROC allegations regarding Carolann Steinhoff clients.

Judgment in the Haroutioun Markarian case vs. CIBC Wood Gundy.

SEC ruling against Royal Bank of Canada over defrauding Wisconsin school districts.

Bankruptcy examiner report on CIBC’s involvement in the Enron scandal.

Lawsuit against CIBC over its role in the collapse of Global Crossing.

SEC allegations against perpetrators of the Pay Pop scandal.

One of the lawsuits against BMO Nesbitt Burns over the FMF Capital scandal.

Shareholders’ lawsuit against CIBC over subprime mortgage losses.

IIROC report on the Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) fiasco.

Standard & Poor’s 2002 report on why third-party ABCP was flawed.

OSC allegations against Coventree Inc. over misleading investors about third-party ABCP.

Lawsuit and countersuits by Cannaccord against Scotia Capital, accusing Scotia of dumping ABCP.

OSC’s allegations over Norshield and its executives’ fraudulent conduct.

One of the lawsuits targeting the Royal Bank of Canada for its involvement in the Norshield collapse.

Affidavit from Canada Revenue Agency detailing its investigation of RBC Dominion Securities who was accused of assisting clients of moving money offshore to Lichtenstein.

Investment Dealers Association (IDA) press release announcing ban of George Georgiou.

George Georgiou US indictment over his dump and pump scam.

Al Rosen, Mark Rosen and Diane Urquhart 2006 report on dangers of income trusts.

Atlas Cold Storage income trust lawsuit that resulted in a $40-million settlement.

SEC report in 2008 on the failings of credit rating agencies to assess subprime mortgage debt.

Law Society allegations against Beth DeMerchant and Darren Sukonick for their role in the Conrad Black saga.

OSC’s agreement with BMO Nesbitt Burns over the underwriter’s poor due diligence in the FMF Capital scandal.

Study revealing how stock market analysts are overly optimistic about their picks.

Utpal Bhattacharya 2006 report on the track record of the OSC as compared to that of the SEC.

Harvard law professor Howell Jackson study comparing resources spent on market regulation in Canada that of the US.

BC court decision in the wrongful dismissal suit of Paul Winkler against the Hollinger subsidiary that was run by David Radler.

List of brokers who had not been punished by the Investment Dealers Association (IDA) despite customer complaints, discovered by Robert Kyle.

Samples of Tzvi Erez’s forged documents – in this case, “bank managers” apologizing to Erez’s clients for a bureaucratic snafus.

Cheque belonging to Earl Jones’ sister-in-law that he signed over to himself illegally, including forging her signature – and which his bank branch did not stop.

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