Kevin O’Leary Story in Globe’s Report On Business Magazine

Myself and Globe reporter Tim Kiladze combined our efforts to write this lengthy investigatvie piece on the real business practices of Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank and Lang & O’Leary Exchange star Kevin O’Leary. The story was quickly condemned by O’Leary and his flacks:

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  1. Daniel Haywood says:

    Kevin O’Leary is to business television as Don Cherry is to Hockey Night in Canada. His scathing commentary entertains and outrages viewers’ sensibility. Bay Street insiders will shake their heads , however they also know that Kevin is there mainly for one reason: he gets ratings for a type of programming that a large percentage of the viewing public could otherwise not really care much about.

    Kevin’s problem is that his act is getting old and as time goes by he annoys more and more people. Recent disclosures in the Globe and Mail Magazine will accelerate his decline. Before long he will be history and nobody will miss him.

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