Maclean’s Magazine Reviews “Thieves”

“From Ponzi schemers and dishonest brokers to high-profile corporate frauds, Livesey offers up a rap sheet for Canada’s pinstripe set by recounting Bay Street’s long history of shady dealings.”

Maclean’s magazine ran a positive review of “Thieves of Bay Street” this week. See it here:

Hill Times Interview

I did an interview with Hill Times reporter Chris Plecash during my whistle stop in Ottawa  a few weeks ago. They published it today (June 4th) and did a smashing job. You can read either as it appears in the paper on page 38 here, or just the text here.

BNN Interview with Paul Waldie

I did a live interview with Business News Network (BNN) today with Paul Waldie, who is a veteran business journalist at the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business section. Waldie was welcoming and polite, but once the cameras went on he was argumentative and defensive of the Canadian capital markets. At one point we got bogged down in an argument about the Conrad Black case and the US Supreme Court decision pertaining to his case about “honest services” (it’s very arcane, trust me). Anyway, I felt I held my own. You can watch both parts here: