Literary Review of Canada reviews “Thieves”

The Literary Review of Canada has reviewed “Thieves” in its July/August issue. The review was written by Michael Decter, who works in the financial industry. On the whole it was a positive review, although his criticisms of the book are, in my opinion, completely misplaced, as he is overlooking the rampant and massive fraud in the industry that has sent the global economy into a grinding recession. Unfortunately, this review is not on-line (you have to subscribe on-line or buy the journal):

Globe and Mail Writes Rave Review of “Thieves”

Al Rosen, Canada’s leading forensic accountant and the author of the book “Swindlers”, wrote a glowing review of “Thieves”, noting that “Having investigated many of the cases detailed through the chapters, from the never-ending saga of Nortel to the more recent scandal enveloping Sino-Forest, I can say for certain that Livesey captures not only the pertinent facts but also much of the mood, and, more significantly, the tragedy experienced by countless, risk-averse retail investors.”

Have a read of his review: